Complyworks Ltd. Acquires EHS Management Solutions Provider, Ariscu

ComplyWorks Ltd. is proud to announce that it has acquired its long-standing partner in business, Ariscu – formerly Green Gain Consulting.

Ariscu is a global environment, health and safety (EHS) solutions provider that helps businesses manage daily operational EHS and legal compliance requirements. ComplyWorks purchased Ariscu to expand on its field-level capabilities, further adding to its current governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) platform.
"Acquiring Ariscu will help our clients bring their compliance management requirements from the corporate office to the field at any worksite in the world," said ComplyWorks' President and CEO, Cal Fairbanks. "And having that data feed into ComplyWorks' platform allows companies to track the day-to-day activities of any worksite."

Current ComplyWorks and Ariscu customers will be able to share data between the two solutions for a unified approach to operational risk management. Ariscu's site-level auditing and business intelligence platform will compliment ComplyWorks' corporate GRC solutions, including third-party prequalification, workforce and worksite compliance management.

"We are proud of our African roots," says Nicolai Massyn, Ariscu's President and CEO, "and will continue to provide our current clients with fantastic service and great products – now with a global reach. We are excited to be a part of the ComplyWorks platform."

About ComplyWorks
ComplyWorks is a global leader in compliance management. Since its inception in 2004, the company has expanded its reach to over 90 countries while retaining its focus on its clients. The company's web-based solutions cover the entire compliance lifecycle from contractor management to workforce management, worksite management and payment. For more information, visit:

About Ariscu
Born on the plains of South Africa in 2000, Ariscu originally started by helping clients with environmental consulting under the name of Green Gain Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Green Gain was purchased by ComplyWorks Ltd. in 2018 and rebranded as Ariscu. Today, Ariscu provides clients with a global legal compliance solution and technology to easily digitize their EHS management systems. For more information, visit: