Faster. Reorganized. More Intuitive.

Our new system delivers the best Compliance Management Solution yet. Our focus of saving you time, money, and reducing your risk has not waivered —we just have a new platform to deliver it.

Why We Made the Changes

<i>Compatible with Mobile Devices</i>

Compatible with Mobile Devices

ComplyWorks on the go!

People are not strapped to a desk anymore; we know that from field users to executives, you need access to ComplyWorks on-the-go. ComplyWorks Version 7.0 is responsive to any screen size. So you can easily manage compliance down to the site level, right on the site.

<i>Increase Customer Satisfaction</i>

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Get more from an easy to use system.

ComplyWorks Version 7.0 is faster and easier to navigate. You will be spending less time becoming compliant and more time working compliant. We have customized our solution to fit your needs so you only see what is relevant to you.

What has Been Improved

Seamless Navigation

Easily navigate your way through with fewer hiccups.

ComplyWorks Version 7.0 truly flows in a logical form. The simplicity allows you to fully integrate numerous departments, projects, or sites making ComplyWorks your only stop for compliance management.

More User Friendly

Intuitive design makes your experience better.

Making ComplyWorks Version 7.0 user friendly is at the core of this project. We made the system easier to operate. Reducing the complexity gives you the opportunity to push past prequalification and see where the risk truly lies.

The Philosophy

How compliance management is viewed needs to change. It is important for compliance to be seen as mission critical across a company; every department needs to understand that compliance affects them.

Integrating compliance across divisions and reducing different business units working in silos—while providing autonomy for different worksites to adapt to business requirements—is what differentiates ComplyWorks.

ComplyWorks’ Compliance Profiles

Corporate - Third party prequalification, due diligence via contractor management, and compliance reporting.

Worksite - For each worksite, compliance requirements need to be met. This includes proactive compliance management, monitoring of internal compliance, and operational compliance throughout a working relationship.

Workforce - Every individual worker, asset, or piece of machinery stepping onto your site should be fit to work for you. Determining that includes ticket tracking, security clearances, maintenance records, and medical approval.

Active Compliance Monitor™

Managing these levels of compliance with multiple projects, sites, or groups gets complicated, especially with everything that needs to be tracked and monitored these days. ComplyWorks has created Active Compliance Monitor (ACM) to easily group and manage all of the various factors, ensuring everything meets requirements. How does your company do work? Do you have sites, projects, departments, or business units? Do you regularly have to report site information up to a corporate level? Does compliance seem complex and overwhelming?

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ComplyWorks ensures compliance is always relevant and not redundant. We break each of your projects, sites, or business units into individual ACM sessions. We work with you to set detailed compliance standards and requirements per ACM session; this ensures contractors only have to meet your requirements when they work for you. ACM also allows you to manage your workforce. Do you know that all of the equipment on your site has a valid inspection? Do the individuals walking onto your site have the appropriate training and expertise to do the work they are going to do?

Achieving compliance down to a worksite level requires that accountability be placed onto the appropriate individuals, with the corporate level having the ability to monitor and report on the compliance statuses of the worksites. Active Compliance Monitor gives you the power of our entire ComplyWorks system in a simple and easy to use tool, plus it works on mobile devices.

New Functionality


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