Most of the information below is intended to provide assistance to our subscribers (contractors, suppliers, vendors, and consultants that are looking to provide information through ComplyWorks to their clients).

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and a member of our Customer Support team will be glad to help you.

General Information

ComplyWorks offers customers, including small and mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, a compliance management solution that connects individuals, contractors and suppliers with employing companies via a web-based system. Alongside experienced administrative support, our compliance management solutions are adapted to each client’s business processes offering assistance in managing compliance from prequalification to payment through the monitoring of relevant data. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with offices in the United States and South Africa, ComplyWorks is a privately held company and a proud founding sponsor of the Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada.
ComplyWorks and your company have a mutual client that uses our web-based solution to manage compliance from prequalification to payment. Through ComplyWorks you will be able to easily understand and fulfill the requirements you need to meet to work for your client(s), and they will be able to access this information as soon as you publish your subscription. Your client(s) will also use ComplyWorks to communicate with you on an ongoing basis, and may request that your company complete online orientations.
If you have received a request to register your company on ComplyWorks you will need to purchase a subscription to do so. To maintain a ComplyWorks profile, there is a yearly fee that is determined based on your peak number of employees. Note: You are able to purchase a ComplyWorks subscription without any requests to do so if you choose.
You should have received a letter from ComplyWorks on behalf of the client requesting you purchase a subscription and participate. If you did not receive one, or no longer have access to the one you did receive, please send us an email at so we can provide you with that information. If you would prefer to speak over the phone, please call us at the information provided under Contact.

New Subscribers


Your activation code should have been provided to you in a communication from ComplyWorks. Having an activation code means you have been pre-registered in the system. If you received a letter from us, either by mail, email or fax, it will contain a six-letter code. A sample code would be ABCDEF.

If you think you received a communication from us but have misplaced it or forgotten the code please contact us and we will help you get started.

If you have not received a communication from us, but would like to purchase a subscription, please contact us and one of our Customer Support team will help you get started.


To get started, please sign up as a new subscriber and follow the instructions. You will need your Activation Code if you received a letter. Follow the instructions, and if necessary see the Payment and Password and Logging In sections of this FAQ for further help.

You will be able to upload your documents into your ComplyWorks subscription as soon as you have finished the payment process. At this time you will also be required to answer questions regarding those documents (e.g., expiry date, insurance provider, amount of insurance coverage, type of insurance).

Password and Logging In


At the top of this page you will see the Login area. Directly underneath the LOGIN button click on Forgot your password? Click on this and fill in the initial information.

  • If you have previously filled in your Enhanced Security Verification, you will be asked to provide answers to those questions, and then you will be able to set a new password.
  • If you have not filled in your Enhanced Security Verification, you will be sent a link in your email. Follow this to reset your password. We highly suggest you fill in your Enhanced Security Verification once you have logged in; it is found under Personal > My Contact Info and Password. This ensures a higher level of security, and is a faster way to reset your password.

Note: At no time can your current password be retrieved. The ComplyWorks Team is unable to see or search for your password. Passwords must always be reset, whether it is by you or through Customer Support.
What is my password?

If you have previously logged in and have since forgotten your password, please see the above section called I forgot my password. In order to have a password and log in you will need to already be set up as either an Administrator or a User of a ComplyWorks subscription.

Administrators: You will be an Administrator of a subscription if you initially set the subscription up, or have been informed that you are now the Administrator. At this time you would have set your password or retained your previous password. If you have forgotten this password please see I forgot my password.

Users: You will be a User of a subscription if you have previously been set up by the Administrator of your account. In most cases you will have received an email with instructions on how to log in for the first time, and you may have been provided with a password by the individual who set you up. If you were not provided with a password and this is your first time logging in, follow the steps described in I forgot my password. (Although you have never logged in before, this is how you will set up your password for the first time.)


At the left and top of the page you will find the login. Fill in the information. If you do not have a password or do not know your password see I forgot my password.

Watch our How To: Log in help video.


In order to have a password and be able to log in you will need to already be set up as either an Administrator or a User of a ComplyWorks subscription.

If there are multiple people using the same login information it is possible that the user ID has been locked. ComplyWorks does not allow multiple people using the same login for security reasons.

If you are already set up as an Administrator or User but do not have a password or do not know your password see What is my password? Otherwise, ensure you are using the correct email address to log in, and have entered the entire email address.


New subscriber: Complete the New Subscriber Sign Up process. You will be prompted to pay prior to being able to access your subscription; follow the steps. If your total, including applicable taxes, is less than $250.00 your only payment option will be credit card. If your total, including applicable taxes, is more than $250.00 you will have the option to pay by credit card or cheque. If you select cheque you will have a 21-day grace period within which the ComplyWorks Finance department must receive your cheque. If your cheque is not received your subscription will be suspended and you will have to pay a reactivation fee prior to being able to access your subscription.

Renewing or upgrading a subscription: If you currently have a ComplyWorks subscription, please Login. If you are a user of multiple subscriptions, select the one you are looking to Upgrade or Renew. Click on the Upgrade or Renew button located at the top of the page.

  • Renewing:You will be presented with your subscription plan determined by both your number of employees and your previous year’s selection. Click Proceed to Shopping Cart and follow the steps.
  • Upgrading: If you are upgrading your subscription, please select the type of subscription you would like to upgrade to and click Proceed to Shopping Cart. The cost will be pro-rated based on your current your expiry date. If you are attempting to Upgrade to a subscription that supports more employees please Contact Us.
Please Click Here to purchase a training course. This link will take you to the full listing of all of our courses. Select your course, and then click Buy Course. If you already have a login set up for our system ensure you use the same information to purchase the course now so that it will be tied to your User ID. If you are interested in purchasing multiple courses for multiple people, please Contact Us.
Paying with a credit card is very simple and you should find it quite straightforward to complete this process on your own. Our Customer Support team is more than happy to walk you through this and answer any questions if necessary.

However, our Customer Support team is able to process a credit card payment on your behalf; but again we highly recommend you complete this process on your own. ComplyWorks does not have means of processing payment (credit card machine or otherwise) on site; when we process payment for you, we act as you.

In order to process a payment on your behalf, the Customer Support team member will request your credit card number, and if you are paying by Visa or MasterCard you will also need to provide your Verified by Visa information or your MasterCard SecureCode. If you have not used your credit card for online purchases before, you will have the chance to set up your password information as you complete the online payment process. The process will differ slightly depending on whether you have a Visa or a MasterCard. This extra step of security confirms you are the cardholder and is for your protection. Note that if you choose to have a Customer Support team member process payment on your behalf you will have to work with them to set this up – again, we prefer not to do this.
To provide data, pricing is based on your company’s peak number of employees. Please Contact Us for exact pricing. If you would like more information on our other solutions, please contact our sales team at

Promoting Your ComplyWorks Subscription

How do I make sure that my ComplyWorks Subscription speaks for who my company is and the quality of service we provide?
If You Have Joined ComplyWorks Without A Request Or Think Additional Clients Of Yours Use Our System

Please contact your clients and/or customers to let them know you are an active ComplyWorks subscriber. If they would like to add you to their list, provide them with your company name exactly as you have entered it on ComplyWorks.

Ensure Your Corporate Information Is Filled In Correctly

Include all branch locations so that current and potential clients can find you quickly and easily. Once you are logged in you can adjust this information and add branch locations by clicking Company Management followed by Corporate Information. Click the Edit button to the left of your company name to make changes. Add branch locations at the bottom of the page.

Complete Each Tab Under Account Settings

Find this by logging in and clicking Company Management followed by Account Settings. Work through each tab providing as much information as you can.

The following tabs:

  • 1. Services Provided
  • 4. Directory Page, and
  • 5. Company Logo

are especially important for promotional purposes. Whenever a client views your company in ComplyWorks they will see this information, whether or not you are releasing data to them.

Send Your Subscription Details Including The Answers In Your Questionnaire To Anyone You Have Contact Information For

Provided that your subscription is not discounted, you are able to send your subscription to any contact you would like. Click Company Management followed by Send Report to a Non-Subscriber and follow the instructions.

Review The Subscription Benefits Page And Print Off Your ComplyWorks Certificate

As long as you have published your information at least once, you can access the Subscription Benefits page found under Company Management (available when you are logged in). From here there is additional information about getting the full value of your ComplyWorks subscription and you can also print off your ComplyWorks certificate to display wherever you would like.

Can I Use The ComplyWorks Logo On My Marketing And Promotional Materials?
Please note you must fill in and submit the Logo Request Form, and receive approval in order to use the ComplyWorks logo. You can submit the Logo Request Form in order to obtain the ComplyWorks logo for use on your materials. The Logo Request Form is available to you when logged in by hovering over Company, then clicking Subscription Benefits; find the form near to the bottom of this page.