Managed Solutions

The purpose of a compliance management solution is to help clients maximize business performance.

Every organization, every business function, and every process is governed in some way to meet objectives. These objectives have risks, and require controls to monitor those risks. To achieve these objectives, a company should consider risk and compliance implications in the same way it considers cost and performance.

Our comprehensive managed solution can provide a reliable basis for ongoing compliance management and allows each division within an organization to configure the tools to meet their specific requirements at an affordable monthly cost, with no fees to contractors. This benefits clients by providing them with predictable cost controls. ComplyWorks transforms compliance management from a cost of doing business to a high-value activity.

ComplyWorks provides a defined set of services to proactively help clients implement and monitor a comprehensive compliance management system that spans across the entire organization.

We provide:

  • The necessary tools
  • Management of the entire contractor engagement processes
  • Identification of the non-compliant contractors, and why they are not compliant
  • Assessment of the risk associated with hiring a non-compliant contractor
  • Monitoring of all the compliance requirements in order to support organizational objectives
  • The latest knowledge regarding changes to the risk and regulatory landscape
  • Protection of the organization’s ability to grow effectively in an increasingly competitive business environment

Compliance is achieved through the tracking and monitoring of processes which identify the applicable requirements, stated objectives, policies, or procedures. Compliance management can be used for:

  • Financial compliance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Cultural compliance
  • Job and training compliance
  • Contract and agreement compliance
  • Community investment compliance
  • Site specific compliance
    • Assets on site
    • Equipment and tools
    • Job skills and credentials
    • Investigations
    • Incident tracking
    • Documents, policies, and procedures

We align the interests of all parties to build win-win relationships that deliver tangible results that meet both internal and external compliance requirements.