Active Compliance Monitor™

ComplyWorks' Compliance Profiles are essential to how we help simplify the compliance management process. Each profile is integral to the success of the others, and all three work together to complete the lifecycle of compliance management - from prequalification, through selection, engagement, and completion, including payment. While there are multiple factors considered beyond this, below is a visual representation of our simple process. At a Corporate level the main focus is prequalification, and all corporate factors are accounted for. Moving down, through the Selection Process, Worksite Compliance Profiles are developed, using the Corporate requirements along with site and project-specific needs. Then, to address the compliance management needs for individual employees, Workforce Compliance Profiles are created. These combine Corporate and Worksite requirements, as well as employee and equipment standards that need to be met.

Compliance management is an intricate process, and in order for it to be beneficial it requires continuous effort. Different phases and actions require the involvement of various teams and individuals.

ComplyWorks’ approach is outlined below; it is based on three different compliance profiles driven by a targeted selection process. Users are able to monitor compliance and further develop strong working relationships. ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution streamlines everyone’s actions, eliminating unnecessary steps for contracting companies, and their clients.

ComplyWorks' Compliance Profiles

The Corporate Compliance Profile, otherwise known as prequalification, is designed to capture the basic requirements for a contractor or supplier that may be considered for work. As soon as a job comes up, certain contractors or suppliers may be shortlisted through the Selection process. This in turn leads to the potential for more specific and relevant compliance requirements in the Worksite Compliance Profile. After Selection, the contractor is engaged to be at a worksite or on a project and our flexible system monitors compliance over the duration of that contractor's time on site. The additional compliance requirements can extend in to the Workforce Compliance Profile, designed to capture data at an individual level. By establishing a baseline Corporate compliance standard and driving Worksite and Workforce-specific compliance through a targeted Selection process, we believe that ComplyWorks can deliver a complete Compliance Management Solution that identifies different compliance metrics through the lifecycle of contractor engagement.

Third party prequalification, due diligence via contractor management, and compliance reporting.

Corporate Highlighted

For each worksite, compliance requirements need to be met. This includes proactive compliance management, monitoring of internal compliance, and operational compliance throughout a working relationship.

Worksite Highlighted

Every individual worker, asset, or piece of machinery stepping onto your site should be fit to work for you. Determining that includes ticket tracking, security clearances, and medical approval.

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