ComplyWorks' Compliance Management Solution

Compliance management has grown beyond contractor prequalification based on safety requirements.
Although safety remains a critical element, compliance management affects your entire organization, involves every department, and requires more than audits. It is an ongoing process that requires constant management and monitoring activities.

ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution, or CMS, allows employers to track, monitor and analyze information required by stakeholders throughout their organization, while contractors and suppliers can quickly and easily meet the requirements of those employers.

ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution reduces your risks by making sure proper due diligence is performed throughout the engagement lifecycle. Flexible and scalable, our CMS supports your internal processes to ensure that your solution proactively monitors, tracks, and reports relevant compliance information to your business. Similarly, contractors and suppliers are alerted about what you require and how to meet those requirements. They can even use many of our CMS’ specialized functions to track and monitor their own compliance issues.

Comprehensive, Not Complicated

ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution keeps it simple so that contractor and supplier compliance increases, risk is minimized, and all parties find value at an affordable cost.
Bulletin Management
Manage, send and track communications between internal users and/or contractors and suppliers. Recipients’ actions are recorded so you know whether an individual has received, viewed or acknowledged the communication.

How our clients use this solution

  • Safety bulletins
  • Incident notifications
  • Regulatory announcements
  • Bid notifications
  • Turnaround instructions
  • Compliance requirements
  • Out of compliance notifications
  • Legal notifications
  • Accounts payable notifications
Secure Storage
Give secure online access to important critical documents required by your field users, through a fully configurable function that can accept a multitude of different file types.

How our clients use this solution

  • Forms
  • Policies
  • ERPs
  • Environmental
  • Safety material
  • JHAs
  • Training records
  • MOC tracking
  • MSDS sheets
Process Management
Most commonly used for risk mitigation and exception approval, this function can automate and accelerate your form-driven processes.

How our clients use this solution

  • Risk mediation process
  • One-time hire process
  • Work order request
  • Coverall ordering
  • Incident tracking
  • Contractor safety stats reporting
  • Field reporting
  • Post-job evaluations
  • Onsite verifications
  • AER reporting
Scheduled Tasks

Proactively send pre-scheduled reports and communications to specific individuals at custom times.

  • Quarterly communications
  • Shareholder reports
  • Corporate updates
  • Regulated safety bulletins and information
  • Timed inspections and audits
  • Company-wide training renewal notifications
  • Emergency response drills
Records Management
Determine and track your compliance requirements in relation to assets and people. Information can be entered and securely shared across departments and locations, eliminating lag time between collection of data and its entry into a spreadsheet in the office.

How our clients use this solution

  • Employee training, tickets, and certifications
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Equipment tracking
  • ABSA inspection results and quality control
  • Incident tracking
  • Hazard ID
  • Competency tracking
  • Coverall distribution
  • Field reporting
  • MOC tracking
  • Validation process
  • Environmental tracking
  • Quick access to user and department-specific views
Asset List Management
Track vital company assets and provide those that need to know with immediate, online access to your information.

What our clients track and manage
  • Employees
  • Individual competencies (certificates, courses, orientations, etc.)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Fleet requirements
  • Vehicles
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Hazardous materials
  • Site inspections & audits
  • Safety meetings
Alerts and Notifications
Choose who should be notified about your different compliance requirements, and when you want them notified.

How our clients use this solution

  • Insurance expiry date notifications
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Equipment tracking
  • ABSA inspection results and quality control
  • Incident tracking
  • Hazard ID
  • Competency tracking
  • Coverall distribution
  • Field reporting
  • MOC tracking
  • Validation process
  • Environmental tracking
  • Quick access to user and department-specific views
Professional Services
Customizable Compliance Matrices
Set up multiple compliance matrices and assess whether contractors and suppliers meet the specified requirements. This lets you enforce different requirements for various categories of contractors, suppliers, projects, organized by geographical regions, job types or risk level.

  • Different compliance requirements by
    • Team
    • Site
    • Department
    • Spend level
    • Company size
    • Project
    • Risk level
    • Contractual obligations
  • Communication of multiple compliance requirements
  • Compliance statuses based on complex or simplified data prerequisites
Prequalification Registry
A registry that employing companies use to prequalify contractors and suppliers comparing their data against criteria that is relevant to your industry, region, compliance issues, and so on.
Data Integration
ComplyWorks provides our clients with the ability to integrate the important compliance data they obtain through our system with other software they use. This allows a smoother transition into using ComplyWorks as many users do not have to change their day-to-day work routine, and are able to continue using a single login to access all necessary information.

ComplyWorks will work with you to integrate our solution with your systems, whatever they may be. Our Compliance Management Solution has already been integrated with the following systems/software:

How our clients use this solution

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • JDE
  • Yardi
  • ADP
  • D&B
Host online orientations, with sign-off and acknowledgement capabilities, that let individuals complete orientations before they arrive at the jobsite so they’re ready to work.

How our clients use this solution

  • General safety orientations
  • Site-specific safety orientations
  • ERP reviews
  • COR/SECOR quarterly reviews
  • Operator and employee training
  • Competency reviews