Prequalification Subscriptions

Managing compliance is mission critical for any business operation. As a company outsources work to contractors they can’t outsource the risk and liability of completing the work. This creates the need for an effective contractor management solution.
Effective contractor management relies first on a prequalification process that allows for customized functionality to accommodate the changing regulations, standards, insurance, and other requirements for the work being done, as needed. The prequalification process ensures that the necessary steps are in place for a contractor to work safely and sustainably, prior to establishing an agreement, or allowing a vendor to come onto the worksite.

Our objective is to keep contractor management simple and affordable for all parties.

ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution (CMS) takes all prequalification information, plus multiple other factors, and communicates it to everyone involved through an online interactive system and database. Going forward, employing companies use the information provided to prequalify contractors and suppliers; comparing their data against relevant criteria.

Prequalification of contractors reduces everyone’s risks by making sure proper due diligence is performed. Our CMS lets contractors and suppliers know what is required and how to meet those requirements. Subscribers can even use many of our CMS’ specialized functions to track and monitor their own compliance issues. Once the prequalification process has been completed, the contractor must be monitored for compliance – this is a significant part of contractor management, and our CMS allows employing companies and contractors easy access to real-time information at any point during this ongoing cycle.

A ComplyWorks subscription helps contractors, suppliers, and vendors take control of their data and simplify compliance management.
As a ComplyWorks subscriber, we work with you to make sure that compliance management is a valuable process for your company.
Always know where you stand with your employers—You can see at a glance whether you meet your employers’ requirements. If you don’t, ComplyWorks tells you what you need to fix so you don’t lose work due to non-compliance.

Upload information once and share it with all your employers—Submit required information and documents once, and release it to as many employing companies as you want.

Send your information to non-ComplyWorks employers—You can easily send the information in your profile to employers that don’t use ComplyWorks, saving you time and effort when bidding for new work.

Get more work from current employers—ComplyWorks makes you visible to all business groups within your employers, not just the people you currently deal with. This helps you grow your existing business almost effortlessly.

Market your services to new employers—Service- and location-based search lets employers that need your services, in your area, find you quickly and easily. Because your compliance information is already in ComplyWorks, you can often avoid the bid process entirely and get straight to work.

Don't lose work because you missed a renewal date—Your ComplyWorks subscription includes automated alerts that remind you of upcoming insurance and other renewals, so you don't lose work because something expired and you fell out of compliance.

Prequalification is used as a foundation for complete compliance management. Our solutions help companies manage the working relationship with a contractor throughout the engagement lifecycle. If you would like to learn more click here.
  • ComplyWorks has been, and still very much is, a wonderful tool for tracking, operating, and maintaining a great safety program.

  • Being on ComplyWorks has helped our small trucking company to get ready to work.  It is easy to follow, and when you do have a hiccup, there is always someone to help you through.  I really like the way it is professionally set up and all your customers and orientations are set up with ease.

    Tracy Richert, Full Circle Oilfield Hauling Inc.
  • The website is very simple to get information in one area, easy to view, and straightforward to enter data.  If we have any questions, it’s a simple call or interactive online web chat to get an answer.

  • Our company is growing due to the jobs we have gotten through ComplyWorks. The future of business is going this direction and we are glad we have signed up to be a part of it. Every day is a learning experience.

  • ComplyWorks' innovation and professionalism makes us look innovative and professional. Our clients are able to obtain our information in minutes and if updating is required an email is sent, which in turn keeps us up to date.

  • I have been managing our company's ComplyWorks subscription for three and a half years now. I find the site to be very user friendly and the customer service is extraordinary!

  • We have been using ComplyWorks for the last 5 years, and it has been great.  It allows me to manage my vendors easily and without any headaches. It is easy to add new vendors to the system, and also easy for searching the database for vendors already on the system.  I am able to get a snapshot of the current status of all of my vendors that I use on a regular basis, and let them know if they need something updated.

  • ComplyWorks’ verification process really helps us by looking at our past history and shaping our future; they show us how to break into new markets and understand what other companies are looking for in terms of safety management programs. They also offer online courses for our employees, as well as help videos and webinars.

  • I’m new to ComplyWorks, but it seems like your company has become an emerging way of streamlining prequalification – something that has been entirely intangible for a lot of sectors. We’re excited about the possibilities and potential of making new connections and getting in contact with exciting new people, companies, and projects!

    Robert Stacey, Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc.
  • Our client relationship management team – Chris and Andrea –always step up to the plate to solve any issues promptly and with the best attitude imaginable. Not only do they get along great with head office employees, but our field personnel like dealing with them as well. I have had our field personnel comment on how helpful Chris and Andrea were. It is a load off of my shoulders that these personnel feel comfortable enough to call them directly and have the knowledge that they will have the best service. Due to their support, the usage of ComplyWorks by TAQA North users has increased tremendously.

  • ComplyWorks goes above and beyond, providing me with speedy responses to my email requests, monthly calls and reports regarding my account and its status, the introduction of new tools to manage my account, and information on best practices for managing compliance. Most of all the staff I deal with at ComplyWorks are personable and friendly to deal with.

    Kim Archibald
  • I have always found ComplyWorks very easy to work with and deal with. It helps us get ready to work for some very important customers of ours. The system is so user friendly and a great support for us. I think ComplyWorks is the best health & safety information management system out there.

  • I have to say that our experience with ComplyWorks was extremely positive. The program’s interface is user friendly and the orientation section makes it very easy to train our guys in regard to our clients' requirements.

  • As a company we have been working with Complyworks since 2006 and have truly appreciated the assistance we have been given to not only maintain our own compliance with our clients but now also to manage our own contractors.