Professional Services

Administrative Support

Our team can provide assistance entering information and documents into ComplyWorks wherever necessary.

French Document Translation

Our experienced translation team provides translation of various items with cost determined by complexity and length. Examples of documents we translate include emails, informal communications/policies/bulletins, invoices, safety manuals, business plans, formal policies, video scripts, orientations, questionnaires, user guides, and RFPs. We also host webinars in French.

Video and Presentation Enhancement

Our knowledgeable development team will work with you to turn a PowerPoint into a video, redo and/or reformat your content to better fit your needs—in this process ComplyWorks will take what you have and create a professional end product. Through this service we also offer the creation of basic screen-capture videos of any material, as well as making your safety material and site orientations interactive by adding quizzes. Additionally, all of our media formats can be completed in French; everything from voiceovers and messages to the creation of videos and the hosting of French webinars.

Technical Support & Data Integration

Our flexible solutions are easily integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, increasing efficiency across departments and eliminating excess paperwork and duplicated communication. This includes vendor mapping of contractors’ and suppliers’ internal ID numbers to ComplyWorks’ subscriber IDs for real-time data sharing.

Business Process & Compliance Analysis

ComplyWorks will perform a department by department examination of your company’s business processes to assess and determine not only how our solutions will interact with each stakeholder, but how your internal supply chain lifecycle flows. Alongside your tailored solution our experience will aide your company in streamlining business processes.

ComplyWorks can also assist you when you enter a new geographical market and provide you with information about requirements for workers’ compensation, insurance, safety certifications, as well as applicable regulations and acts.

Project Management Analysis

If there is additional project or site specific compliance requiring completion, a project manager can assist you to streamline business and get your projects done efficiently, without wasted time and effort. The project manager acts as the spokesman between the parties concerned, and assigns projects to the right people with all necessary information.

Security Expertise

Consultants partnered with ComplyWorks with extensive experience in international security, are available to perform a full analysis of your security protocols onsite. This also includes the development of a Corporate Security Plan including Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS) for all facilities that integrates Canadian RCMP and US Homeland Security protocols.