Vendor Management

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Vendor Management

We have recently had an increased interest in vendor management from many of our clients, and have begun exploring all that ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution (CMS) can do to improve this complex process. Traditionally, contractor prequalification was seen as a safety initiative, but through the evolution of compliance and in-depth risk analysis it has been proven that all vendors need to be overseen to aid in reducing risk.

ComplyWorks has expanded our Compliance Management Solution to further integrate your supply chain into our system, making it a single source solution for vendor compliance management from the issue of work or contract, through the completion of services right up until end of project expectations. Vendor Management through our CMS uses existing solutions and experience to further integrate with your supply chain, creating different groups of vendors to ensure the appropriate standards are set for the appropriate type of vendor. We have adapted our pricing structure so that it is accessible for all customers.

You can outsource the work but not the liability, so let us help you monitor and manage the risk.

Prequalification of contractors lead to contractor management and has further evolved to compliance management.

The goal of developing and managing different vendor types is to create accessibility through a single solution while still remaining flexible enough to meet various department, customer, and reporting needs. By creating a preferred vendor list within our CMS it will ensure compliance while increasing the efficiency of the purchase process and improving relationships with each individual vendor. Overall, this provides an easy way to complete due diligence for vendors affecting your strategic initiatives.

With the immense amount of interest in the industry we would love the opportunity to show you how compliance can be better monitored throughout your supply chain. If you would like further information please contact