Revolutionize Contractor Management

More than ever, companies rely on third-party contractors to achieve a broad base of business objectives. Combined with increasing regulation and legislation, managing risk and compliance requirements is becoming increasingly complex and onerous.

How ComplyWorks can Help

ComplyWorks offers an easy to use, scalable, integrated, proactive web based risk management solution to help streamline contractor compliance management. Our pre-qualification and contractor management solution can:

  • Expedite contractor prequalification to payment;
  • Track third-party contractor certifications;
  • Verify compliance information;
  • Provide training/inductions/orientations;
  • Track incidents and manage remediation;
  • Manage workforce and worksite compliance; and
  • Monitor assets including preventative maintenance.

If you are an employer looking for an easy-to-use and affordable, pre-qualification and contractor management solution with industry leading support, please contact us at for a free demo.

We invite new contractors to sign-up or reach out to our support team through email or live chat.