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Compliance Management for Manufacturing

Stay ahead of the curve, transform compliance management with ComplyWorks

ComplyWorks’ comprehensive Compliance Management Solution (CMS) enables global manufacturers to navigate the intricacies of hiring contractors, but the solution goes far beyond that, enabling organizations to achieve a holistic management approach to everything compliance related.

Best in class tools to transform your compliance management programs

With our user-friendly interface and unmatched customer support, you can rest assure that your contractors are ready to work and you can get back to running your core business. Our feature-rich platform allows companies to successfully manage their overall Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) programs. Here's how we do it:

Contractor/Supplier Management
  • Full life-cycle contractor/supplier data management
  • Contractor/supplier prequalification, verification & audits
  • Online onboarding, orientations & job specific training
  • Interactive dashboards to send alerts, notifications & reports
Workforce Management
  • Tracking of certifications, permits & compliance documentation
  • Tracking of asset, equipment & fleet
  • Records management for insurance, health & security clearances
Worksite Management
  • Management of contractors assigned to various projects, plants or geographies
  • Management of contractor mobilization requirements
Ariscu – EHS from the Office to the Field
  • EHS management with COR/SECOR, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 9001 alignment
  • Mobile field level hazard assessment, inspections, incident management & data collection
  • Legal compliance management across multiple geographies
  • Powerful reporting, analytics & insights for data driven decisions

Reduction in administration and penalties with ComplyWorks


Of employers would recommend ComplyWorks to another company


Of skilled manufacturing workers to retire in 10 years (Deloitte)

$2.6 million

An example of a fine for a worker fatality in an auto manufacturing plant

ComplyWorks offers best in class tools and unmatched customer support to help you transform your compliance management programs.

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Do you have a complete compliance management solution to manage these growing demands? Does your current system have the following capabilities?

  • The capacity to manage contractor data from a secure, user-friendly platform
  • The ability to deploy onboarding programs and targeted educational training
  • The capability to track the status of certifications, permits, hazards and environmental compliance
  • The flexibility to send notifications and alerts for safety updates, tickets and permits
  • The agility to configure checklists, audits, safety inspections, track incidents, near misses and issue corrective actions
  • The capability to organize projects across different business units, divisions and geographies
  • The data intelligence to aggregate real-time contractor information from all areas, enabling leaders to monitor risks, trends and make data-backed decisions
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