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Compliance Management for Transportation – Seaports, Airports & Trucking

Leading Transportation Companies Successfully Navigate Compliance Management with ComplyWorks

ComplyWorks’ comprehensive Compliance Management Solution (CMS) enables global transportation companies to navigate the intricacies of hiring contractors, but the solution goes far beyond that, enabling organizations to achieve a holistic management approach to everything compliance related. Whether your running a seaport, airport or a trucking and logistics company, ComplyWorks can help you manage your contingent workforce.

Best In Class Tools to Transform your Compliance Management Programs

With our user-friendly interface and unmatched customer support, you can rest assure that your contractors are ready to work and you can get back to running your core business. Our feature-rich platform allows companies to successfully manage their overall Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) programs. Here's how we do it:

Contractor/Supplier Management
  • Full life-cycle contractor/supplier data management
  • Contractor/supplier prequalification, verification & audits
  • Online onboarding, orientations & job specific training
  • Interactive dashboards to send alerts, notifications & reports
Workforce Management
  • Tracking of certifications, permits & compliance documentation
  • Tracking of asset, equipment & fleet
  • Records management for insurance, health & security clearances
Worksite Management
  • Management of contractors assigned to various projects, plants or geographies
  • Management of contractor mobilization requirements
Field Inspections & Audits
  • EHS management with OSHA, DOT, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 9001, COR/SECOR alignment
  • Mobile field level hazard assessment, inspections, incident management & data collection
  • Legal compliance management across multiple geographies
  • Powerful reporting, analytics & insights for data-driven decisions

Global Shipping Ports and Terminals Steer Compliance Management with ComplyWorks

Marine ports and terminals are risky worksites that face a multitude of dock regulations. In fact, the shipping industry has some of the most stringent ISO regulations in the world. These challenges and risks increase tenfold when hiring a multitude of contractors. Learn more by downloading the brochure for seaports.

In an anonymous survey, 91% of clients said that they would recommend ComplyWorks to another company.

Leading Airport Hubs Take Compliance Management to New Heights with ComplyWorks

Airport hubs that support a large contractor workforce face many safety risks and compliance challenges. ComplyWorks’ comprehensive Compliance Management Solution (CMS) enables global airport hubs to navigate the intricacies of managing their contingent workforce. Read more in the brochure for airports.

Did you know that the average ComplyWorks client sees an 80% reduction in administration costs and penalties?

Trucking and Freight Companies Hit the Ground Running with Compliance Management from ComplyWorks

With stringent safety regulations and periodic evaluations, the trucking and freight industry can face many compliance challenges. ComplyWorks enables these companies to manage the intricacies of contractor data so their personnel meet the required work standards to operate freight vehicles. Learn more by downloading the brochure for trucking.

Join hundreds of other industry leaders and transform your compliance management program. Contact us today for a free demo.