Commercial Real Estate – Are You Achieving or Trailing?

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In a recent BOMA report technology was a key factor in helping Commercial Real Estate professionals achieve success in the industry, but only 20% of property/facility managers were identified as being achievers. This represents a significant opportunity for property and facility managers to provide growth for their companies.

We know that you’re busy so here are some of the key takeaways:


Early Adoption

The percent of Achievers that try the latest technology as soon as it is available.

Spend is Key

Achievers spend appropriately on technology, while Trailers tend to under-invest in tools that would help them operate better.


Budgeting for Tech.

The percent of Achievers that have technology as one or more budget line items. Trailers are stuck behind at only 38% with technology as a line item.

Mandate the Solutions

Mandated solutions from the company or building owners are 20 percent more likely to be “highly effective” than self-selected solutions.


Integrated & Multi-functioning

The percent of Achievers that use an integrated, multi-function system compared to Trailers at 22%. This allows Achievers to support nearly twice as many functions.

Did you know? Multi-functional systems are rated as "highly effective" 1.5x more often than proprietary or in-house systems.

So now what?

Well if you’re an Achiever, well done! You might be one of the many property management or facility management companies that are already using ComplyWorks to manage your operations. If you’re a Trailer there is hope! One of the key items to help Trailers become Achievers is spending on technology – but too much. That’s where we come in.

ComplyWorks is an integrated multi-functional system at an affordable price.

You can choose if you want to get started with one solution or many depending on your needs and budget. This can help you justify the technology purchase, while also taking meaningful steps to become an Achiever.

Worried about the transition? It’s nothing to lose sleep over. We have helped many companies switch systems and will work with you to design a seamless transition.

Learn more about us in our video below or if you’re ready to get started request a free demo.

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