A Thank You to Frontline and Essential Workers in the COVID-19 Fight

While the COVID-19 pandemic has upended life for nearly everyone, we’ve all had different experiences over the last couple of months as we try to get used to the new normal. Some people are experiencing great hardships - like layoffs from work or the loss of a loved one. Others are working from home, taking care of their children or both.

This pandemic changed the world instantly, and until we have a vaccine, we don’t know when or how this situation will end. Despite this, we owe so much gratitude to so many people, especially healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers who have faced more risks than most. This pandemic has affected everyone from employers and employees, to seniors, mothers, fathers, friends, neighbors, and children. It's been a challenge, but so many people have stepped up to help others in need.

Gratitude to our clients

We’d like to say thank you to our clients for your continued support as we manage through these unprecedented times.

With a crisis comes innovation. The ComplyWorks’ team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure that you (our clients) are getting the most out of our compliance management platform with new solutions like our Fit to Work program to meet your evolving needs during this pandemic and beyond.

Gratitude to the frontline

Not only do we have all healthcare and essential workers to thank, but we’d also like to thank the people in our communities who have volunteered to help those in need and to bring added joy and entertainment to their neighbors. A few ComplyWorks’ team members would like to show their gratitude to all frontline and essential workers and share in their own words: their personal experiences during COVID-19.

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Lora - Calgary, AB

I want to thank my entire family for everything they do. Many of my family members are frontline healthcare workers. My two older sisters are nurses in Calgary. And my extended family includes nurses and doctors in Calgary and the U.S. I have another cousin, who is a Calgary police detective. My oldest sister is a dermatological surgical nurse, and because of the pandemic, they've halted minor surgeries, so in the meantime, my sister volunteered to work at the COVID-19 screening clinic.

My other older sister is a cardiac nurse at the Foothills hospital, and they continue to keep abreast of how their ICU units are working through the COVID pandemic and when they will have to take care of recovering COVID patients. My sister that works at the Foothills Hospital received a surprise from a couple of our neighbors. Before she left for work, she noticed an envelope under the garage door. She opened it to see a thank you card signed by a couple of neighbors. She smiled and proceeded to leave, as she pulled out of the garage, she noticed there were balloons and hearts stuck to the garage door with messages of thanks from a few neighbors - she was deeply touched by this gesture.

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Cheryl - Calgary, AB

In such a difficult time, it has been amazing to see who the real heroes are. Thank you to my brother’s welding company for providing N95 masks for employees to take home for their families. The building management in my mom’s over 60 condo for leaving surprise Easter baskets outside everyone’s door (some of the residents have not left their units since COVID-19 started). And to her neighbor, who is making free masks for hundreds of people.

And a big thank you to the cashier I see in my local grocery store, who had no mask or gloves provided to her for weeks, but still showed up for work, smiled at everyone, and greeted us all like old friends with no option to work from home.

Thanks to all the grocery workers and the cleaners and the shelf stockers who can’t stay home and stay safe. We all owe them so much for keeping us fed.

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Scott - Calgary, AB

A HUGE thank you goes out to my fiancé and all the men & women working on Unit 62 at Rockyview General Hospital. As a labour and delivery nurse, just because the world stopped, it doesn’t mean the babies do! Not only have they had to make numerous changes to their procedures and prepping, but they have also shouldered the burden of accepting an increase in expecting mothers due to the temporary closure of South Health Campus’ and High River’s maternity wards. From having to deliver newborns at triage due to lack of hospital space and dealing with COVID-positive patients, these amazing people continue to do their job every day!

We wish everyone well as we get through this pandemic together. There is light on the other side, as the world slowly reopens. In the meantime, thank you and continue to stay safe.