Paper is over 1800 years old. Your compliance management shouldn't be.

Join the Future of Compliance

Paper is over 1800 years old. Your compliance management shouldn't be.

Join the Future of Compliance

At ComplyWorks, we realize that safety involves real people. It's why we partner with both our employers and suppliers to help them achieve success.

Our compliance solutions fall into three main categories:

Our solutions are flexible enough to work across your entire company regardless of the industry. Get Ready to Work™ with one solution or many, for total compliance management. Strapped for time or resources? ComplyWorks can help with our Professional and Managed Services.


Corporate Compliance Management Solution (CMS)

ComplyWorks’ Corporate CMS has changed the way companies and suppliers manage their prequalification and compliance processes. Our flexible and scalable web-based solution can help you and your team through the entire supplier management lifecycle.

Complete Compliance Management

ComplyWorks can execute your existing Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) strategy with your third-party suppliers for complete compliance management.

Assign & Manage Training

Notify the appropriate suppliers or departments and see who has or hasn’t completed the assigned training – prior to them arriving on site.

A More Efficient Operation

Improve your compliance, operations and supply chain processes with our CMS for a more efficient and effective operation.

Save on Operational Costs and Fines

Create efficiencies with your compliance and health, safety and environment (HSE) management to see reduced costs and less fines.

Less Paperwork & Less Administration Time

Save your administration team from copious amounts of paperwork and repetitive tasks.

An Easier Experience Equals Less Frustration

Empower your suppliers to take control of their compliance through our easy to use solution – reducing frustrations.

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ComplyWorks creates connections between employers and their suppliers for complete compliance management. We also verify over 50 different items to protect our clients and ensure information accuracy.

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Workers' Compensation

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Accreditation & Safety Programs

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Company Specific Factors

Join the industry leader in customer support and start achieving your compliance goals.

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Purchase our Communications Solution to train and communicate to your workforce.

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Worksite Management Solution

Managing your global worksites remotely is not new, but the ease of use our Active Compliance Monitor® provides is.

ComplyWorks’ Worksite Management Solution allows you to combine the management of regulatory demands with the unique requirements for your specific project, worksite, location, division or safety file. You can even choose what a “worksite” is – enabling the solution to fit the requirements of your entire operation. Each worksite is organized in an Active Compliance Monitor® (ACM) for global capability and local deployment.

Save Time & Reduce On-site Delays

Require suppliers and employees to complete training for a specific worksite before they arrive on-site – accelerating projects.

Speed & Accuracy

Use our Active Compliance Monitor® to increase the speed and accuracy of your workforce and asset management.

A More Transparent Operation

Maintain communication with your employees and suppliers so they have the details they need to work safely at their specific worksite.

Less Fatigue & Fewer Violations

Give your team a solution to easily manage the compliance of your entire operation – leading to less supplier fatigue and less violations.

Goodbye Paperwork

ComplyWorks' Active Compliance Monitor® integrates document uploading and storage so your on-site and off-site teams have less paperwork – reducing your administration costs.

Stay In Control

Avoid hiring unqualified suppliers so you are always in control of your global operations and risk management. With ComplyWorks you're able to centralize control and decentralize decision making.


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Drill down to what is important to you.

Customize both your own and your suppliers' compliance views by project, worksite, location or division. Through our Active Compliance Monitor® you can track and monitor:
  • Induction, orientation and training programs
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Specific regulatory requirements
  • Job site safety inspections and work audits
  • Health and safety incidents, emergency responses and corrective or preventive actions

Workforce Management Solution

Lead your entire operation like never before and see measurable results.

ComplyWorks' Workforce Management Solution makes it easy for you to track and manage your operation's entire workforce. Employees, vehicle fleets and equipment can all be tracked and managed with our thorough solution.

Employee Tracking

Easily view the certifications, medicals, safety courses and training that each supplier or employee has completed all in one place.

Asset Monitoring

Asset inspections, maintenance records and regulatory requirement tracking ensures that you are paying for functioning equipment, while also reducing risks.

Maintenance Monitoring

Asset downtime is easily reduced with work order tracking, preventive maintenance and equipment inspections all trackable and viewable through ComplyWorks.

With ComplyWorks it's easy to Get Ready to Work™.


Bid Management Solution

In today’s competitive environment, outsourcing is a common part of business. But organizing and managing bids to find qualified suppliers can be time-intensive. No more. With ComplyWorks’ Bid Management Solution, you can create bids within ComplyWorks and invite suppliers to participate.

ComplyWorks makes it easy for you to:

  • Create bids on the fly
  • Check compliance prior to accepting a bid
  • Control user access
  • Invite any suppliers to participate
  • Manage your existing bids to meet changing demands
  • Award and close a bid

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ComplyWorks' Single Sign-on (SSO) Process

Increase Security, Access and Control

Single Sign-on (SSO) allows users to use their company login to sign in to ComplyWorks and other applications. It authenticates the user to ensure they have the required permissions – simplifying operations and increasing security.

ComplyWorks is compatible with enterprise SSO systems to provide or disable access. And with user information centrally located, access is always kept up-to-date as your business evolves.


Professional and Managed Services

Squeezed for time or resources? ComplyWorks offers a host of short and long-term solutions to get you up and running quickly.

Professional Services are one-time solutions that are commissioned for a specific instance or project. Managed Services are for advanced client support services that extend over time. Examples include: