A lot of great things came out of the 80's, but your compliance spreadsheets aren’t one of them.

With our global capabilities and local deployment, we help employers and contractors manage the compliance of their contractors, workforces and worksites. And unlike paper and spreadsheets, ComplyWorks’ system is simple to use, scalable and backed by our industry-leading customer support.

Join our list of satisfied clients who have used ComplyWorks to streamline their contractor management operations to achieve administrative savings of up to 80%.

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Our goal has always been to do more for our clients than anyone else.

This means empowering our clients with truly valuable solutions. The result is more than managing safety. It’s the future of risk and compliance management. And now, with workforce and worksite management, ComplyWorks is even more capable. Get Ready to Work® with ComplyWorks.

ComplyWorks elevates compliance management to a whole new level with affordability, simplicity and functionality.

Wherever your global compliance management takes you, you’ll get there with our innovative solutions, dedicated team and industry leading customer support.

With a 98% client retention rating, a dedicated team and a proven track record – you know that ComplyWorks will be there for you every step of the way.

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Evolution of Compliance

Compliance management is mission critical for all businesses. What began as a safety initiative over a decade ago has evolved to incorporate additional compliance requirements that affect all aspects of your organization.

Compliance management is inherent in multiple disciplines across an organization – a few of the many areas impacted by compliance are shown below. For many organizations, contractor management is the starting point to minimizing business risk, but full compliance management is multi-faceted. All areas can have significant impacts on a business' operations, brand and financials if not handled effectively.

Calculate the Cost of Potential Incidents

ComplyWorks’ Incident Cost Calculator uses the US Department of Labor & National Safety Council injury statistics to estimate your risk of workplace incidents. Many companies believe insurers cover all costs of an accident, but indirect costs are not insurable. Download your free personalized workplace injury report and learn how ComplyWorks can help reduce risks to your business.

Estimated annual cost of workplace injuries* (USD)

Estimated injuries to contractor/sub-contractor workforce

*2016 data: Estimated costs of injuries are based on an industry rate applied to your total number of employees. the average cost of an injury in over $44,000 USD.

How can YOU use ComplyWorks?

What industries do you work in?

Effective contractor compliance management in construction

Meeting health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations – while also managing worksite hazards and remediation – is a major challenge for the construction industry. Further, with the number of complex projects increasing, skilled talent is becoming scarcer, pushing companies to secure needed skills through third-parties or sub-contractors. However, construction companies who do outsource the work must still ensure HSE regulations are followed by their contracted workforce.

Our easy to use and affordable solutions allow you to train your workforce, reduce incidents and manage compliance – all while being backed by ComplyWorks’ industry leading support.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Reduce compliance risk and manage their network of contractors and contingent workforce in a simple to use, scalable, internet-based contractor compliance management solution.
  • Effectively track workforce compliance status on certifications, permits, tickets or courses taken on codes of conduct, environmental policies and/or other practices – complete with automated notifications prior to expiry.
  • Manage, update and implement site-specific regulatory requirements at a country, province, state, local, building or work yard level to create a culture of “zero” accidents.

Improve how you manage your contingent workforce to achieve your health, safety and environmental (HSE) vision

With increasingly complex projects, global supply chains and multiple site locations, energy companies are challenged with meeting robust regulations in multiple jurisdictions. Assessing all contractors to mitigate risk and achieve HSE requirements is a complex task. Adding to this complexity is the need to manage multiple workforces across multiple locations.

ComplyWorks simplifies this by providing the energy industry with easy to use compliance, workforce and worksite management solutions. With ComplyWorks you can easily manage all facets of contractor prequalification from prequalification and verification, through to invoicing and payment. All while being backed by our industry leading support.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Reduce risks and liabilities by better managing their contingent workforce through our simple to use compliance management solution.
  • Identify, qualify and select contractors based on their custom requirements, to prequalify employees – reducing project timelines.
  • Improve communications for more effective training and informative notifications, so their workforces are aware of any hazards, prior to arriving on site.

Forestry compliance management made easy

Forestry is one of the most dangerous sectors in North America. Chainsaws, logging machines and the huge weight and momentum of falling, rolling and sliding trees and logs can pose significant hazards. Over recent decades, contracted labor has been developing as a standard need in forestry operations in many countries. However, forestry companies who do outsource work must still ensure health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations are followed by their contingent workforce.

ComplyWorks can help you manage and navigate this chaotic regulatory environment with our easy to use and affordable solutions. Our solutions can significantly improve the safety of your workplace for your entire workforce, while also reducing equipment downtime.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Combine health, safety and contractor management compliance into a single platform, customized to meet the needs of the forestry industry.
  • Track and schedule the maintenance of their assets to reduce equipment downtime and increase work-time.
  • Deploy targeted educational, awareness, orientation/induction and onboarding programs to address safety hazards for the forestry industry.

Make smart decisions now, to reduce risks to your employees and operations

Despite the digitization trend, the manufacturing workforce still makes up the biggest operating cost, resulting in a major push for outsourcing different elements of the supply chain. However, manufacturing companies who do outsource work must still ensure health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations are followed by their contingent workforce.

Organizations have an onerous number of policies, procedures and risk management practices relating to health and safety. ComplyWorks can help manage the chaos with an easy to use contractor compliance risk management solution.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Proactively manage and monitor governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) initiatives by linking risk management data to compliance activities – all viewable through a simple dashboard.
  • Deploy targeted educational, awareness, orientation/induction and onboarding programs to address safety hazards and ensure that contractors are properly trained on lockout/tagout, machine guarding and handling hazardous chemicals.
  • Apply triggers and send automated notifications when tickets, permits or corrective action items come due.

Thrive through compliance management

The mining industry has to comply with stringent regulatory requirements with an emphasis on safety compliance and environment while striving to reduce costs to remain competitive and viable. Outsourcing has become a potential solution to overcome two main challenges, cost and the acquisition and retention of skilled people. However, mining companies who do outsource work must still ensure health, safety and environmental guidelines are followed by their contingent workforce.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Reduce their compliance risk and manage their network of contractors and contingent workforce in a simple to use, scalable, internet based contractor management solution.
  • Deliver, track and manage a wide range of items including permits, certifications, health policies, code of conduct, audits, ISO certifications, tickets, wastewater discharge, safety citations, training certifications and onboarding of new contractors.
  • Reduce risks of injuries on their work sites by ensuring their contingent workforce is adequately trained and qualified – prior to arriving on site.

Spend more time driving a great customer experience

Property management firms must ensure their businesses comply with a maze of national and international legislation, regulation and standards. Many firms have shifted to leverage technology and outsource their workforce to reduce staffing costs, however, they must still ensure health, safety and environmental regulations are followed by their contractor workforce.

Many property management firms are already using many of ComplyWorks solutions to manage their contractors, reduce building breakage and reduce downtime. Our solutions are scalable to help increase tracking and management across different business units, divisions and locations.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Track and monitor the maintenance of their building’s vital assets to complete preventive maintenance and reduce downtime.
  • Organize projects across different business units, divisions or geographies.
  • Keep all of their compliance and maintenance records in a secure online location, with customizable access for their workforce.

Implement sustainable risk management communications practices

Telecommunications and cable companies operate in an intensely competitive environment, and use a large number of contractors to meet their business objectives. A recent PwC study noted that up to 50% of industry respondents indicated they outsourced their field services and network operations.

Outsourcing work can help you meet your business objectives, but you are still responsible for all health and safety guidelines and codes of conduct for your outsourced workforce.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Decrease their compliance risk and manage their network of contractors, workforce and worksites throughout their global operations.
  • Reduce duplication and streamline their compliance efforts.
  • Track the renewal and expiration dates of all permits, tickets and certifications.
  • Send notifications or bulletins to individual employees, workgroups, departments or worksites to keep their staff informed and aware of potential hazards.

Connect your workforce with the training and alerts they need to work safely and effectively

With changing industry regulations and expectations, many in the utility industry have looked at outsourcing maintenance, internal audits and plant operations functions to maintain the business. However, failure to meet key regional health and safety regulations can mean significant financial and even criminal penalties. As such, utility companies who do outsource work must still ensure health, safety and environmental guidelines are followed by their contingent workforce.

ComplyWorks helps many utility companies mitigate risk by managing their contractor compliance. Our solutions help connect employers and their contractors so everyone is informed, trained and protected – prior to arriving on site.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks’ solutions to…

  • Use a single, integrated view of compliance risk across their entire organization, with real-time visibility for all levels of the organization.
  • Create actionable compliance for standards like NERC/FERC from real-time dashboards, reports, notifications, escalation events and active revisions.
  • Track and schedule maintenance of their assets to meet regulatory obligations and reduce equipment downtime.

What about your job role?

Compliance & Operations

Meeting all of the different compliance and operational requirements according to your organization, worksite and industry/governmental regulators, is challenging in the multifaceted world of operations. ComplyWorks provides dynamic solutions to streamline your processes and help you meet your compliance and operations goals.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks' solutions to:

  • Evaluate, measure and report on the state of compliance and performance across the organization.
  • Manage adherence to policies and procedures throughout their organization.
  • Investigate incidents and roll-out training to their entire workforce, including contractors.
  • Stay informed with automated alerts and notifications.


Working to identify issues and potential opportunities, while also trying to ensure adherence throughout your organization and reduce costs, is particularly challenging in today’s dynamic business environment. ComplyWorks is not just for procurement or health and safety teams.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks' solutions to:

  • Verify compliance at the time of payment, avoiding steep fines from regulators.
  • Track how much money their organization is spending on non-compliant contractors with spend reporting, reducing their organization’s risk and liability while also tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Avoid paying duplicate invoices by improving their tracking process through our eProcurement Solution.
  • Store all contractual agreements securely and provide customizable shared access to specific individuals.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

As an important member of the team responsible for health, safety and environment action across your organization, it’s vital that you have the resources to track the many regulations and requirements to meet your HSE goals.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks' solutions to:

  • Track incidents and identify risk and liability indicators throughout their organization or at a specific worksite.
  • Train their organization and its contingent workforce of contractors to meet organizational, local and national policies and procedures.
  • Report back to their team and leadership, ensuring accountability throughout their organization with checks and balances.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Developing and managing your robust sourcing strategies and processes takes a lot of time and effort. We understand the demands you face and provide you with solutions designed to meet your needs.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks' solutions to:

  • Deliver the right contractors at the right time by using our solution to prequalify potential contractors and streamline logistics.
  • Provide suppliers with accurate information to support best practice negotiations, contracts, performance management and spend strategies throughout the value chain.
  • Track and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Perform risk assessments and hazard analyses of specific worksites, projects or work groups.

Risk Management & Legal

With the continuous shifting of government and regulatory priorities, the exposure companies face is higher than ever. This places many demands throughout the organization and requires constant attention. ComplyWorks’ solutions can help you manage your risk and liability, while also streamlining your processes.

Our clients have used ComplyWorks' solutions to:

  • Track and correct issues to mitigate risk and liability.
  • Enforce mandatory requirements throughout their company and with their contingent workforce.

Beyond prequalification

ComplyWorks’ solutions help manage reputation, financial, cultural, environment and operation compliance programs. Our solution has helped many companies and teams achieve significant improvements in how they manage Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) initiatives for their third-party contractors.

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