ComplyWorks Expands: The Leader in Global Contractor and Supplier Management Opens Office in Toronto, Canada

New office the result of rapidly growing customer base across Canada and the United States

Calgary, Alberta (April 4, 2012)-ComplyWorks Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has opened a full-service office in Toronto, Canada. The new office will help ComplyWorks provide superior services to customers located in Canada’s largest city as well as those in the eastern half of Canada and the United States.

ComplyWorks opened the office in Toronto in response to the rapid growth of its customer base across Canada and the United States in a number of industries. These include real estate services management, transportation, healthcare, mining, forestry, construction, and manufacturing. The opening of the Toronto office solidifies ComplyWorks’ position as the only contractor and supplier management solution provider in Canada with national customers and operations. The office will deliver a number of services, including help desk, account management, contractor support, and sales.

“We’re a leader in contractor and supplier management globally, but we’re proud of our Canadian roots and our leadership of the Canadian market. By opening an office in Toronto, we’re demonstrating that we’re committed to maintaining and growing that leadership in Canada,” says Cal Fairbanks, CEO and President of ComplyWorks. “Companies across North America and the globe recognize that they can outsource work, but they can’t outsource liability. They also recognize that ComplyWorks’ is uniquely able to deliver solutions that are relevant to the various industries and regions in which they operate, whether their business is local, national or international.”

About ComplyWorks

ComplyWorks is a global leader in providing Compliance Management Solutions to help customers streamline contractor and supplier management and supply chain processes. Our solutions automate the collection and monitoring of relevant data for specific job sites and regions, and provide that data to decision makers as actionable intelligence. Over 175 employing companies-from small and mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises-in Canada, the United States, Europe and South Africa use ComplyWorks to manage over 50,000 contractors and suppliers. The results are stronger employer/contractor and supplier/employee relationships, better risk mitigation, and improved performance in health, safety, security, environmental, finance and other areas. ComplyWorks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with offices in Houston, Toronto, and Pretoria, South Africa.

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