What It Takes to Be a Top Health & Safety Company

The world’s leading companies in occupational health and safety share a few things in common: a supportive management team, diligent safety procedures and employees that are engaged in the process. Whether your business runs heavy machinery or operates in an office environment, health and safety should be a top priority to reduce the likelihood of workplace injury and fatality, decrease costs spent on accidents and increase employee morale.

Does your business have what it takes to be a top health and safety company? Here are a few ways you can get started:

1) Support from the top down

Like any business initiative, if your upper management and executive teams aren’t on board and aligned with a safety program, it’s likely to fail. Leadership should be the champions of a safety program by setting goals and objectives and becoming actively involved in the planning process. When the program is introduced to the company, the messaging should come from and be supported by the entire leadership team so that employees are aware of its significance.

2) Incorporate safety into your company culture

Incorporating safety into the company culture means talking the talk and walking the walk. Once you’ve announced a health and safety program, leadership should diligently enforce rules, processes and procedures. This doesn’t just mean speaking to employees who aren’t compliant with the expectation, but also means congratulating those that do comply.

3) Training, processes and procedures

Does your company provide health and safety training when it onboards new employees? Does it hold monthly safety meetings, post safety bulletins and incident reports or have an open line for employee feedback? If so, you’re well on your way to establishing a safety culture. If not, these are just a few of the ways you can begin to bring safety to the forefront in your organization.

4) Use technology to track your progress

Your business could have tens of thousands of assets when you consider your employees, equipment, property, third-party contractors and more. Tracking the health and safety of each of these assets is no easy task. Today, industry leading organizations use technology to automate the compliance of their workforce. This means tracking the training and certifications of staff and third parties, the maintenance of equipment and audits of your worksites. See how ComplyWorks’ web-based solutions can help.

With a planned, proactive approach to health and safety, your business can send its staff home to their families safe every day. Learn more about the costs of health and safety in the white paper below.