Final Preparation for the Canadian WHMIS 2015 Updates

December 1, 2018 marks the official end of the transition period between WHMIS 1988 and the new and improved WHMIS 2015 standards. In 2015, WHMIS was updated to align with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), a system developed by the United Nations. The new classifications, labels and safety data sheets are meant to improve worker safety.

What has changed?

The key changes in the new system are:
  • More advanced hazard classification
  • A standardized language
  • New requirements for hazardous product supplier labels
  • New safety data sheet format
  • The physical hazard criteria are now in line with TDG regulations
  • In preparation for the final deadline, employers should train workers on WHMIS 2015 and its updates and have up-to-date safety data sheets (SDS) for all of the chemicals in their inventory. Hazardous product suppliers should have provided updated SDSs and supplier labels for all manufactured products. For a more detailed list of requirements, use Chemscape’s WHMIS 2015 implementation checklist.

    On November 13, 2018 from 11 – 12 am MDT, ComplyWorks and Chemscape will be hosting a webinar on the WHMIS 2015 update and how to prepare your business. Register below to learn more.