Contractors Speak Out in Support of this Canadian Initiative

ComplyWorks Would Like To Thank All Our Members For Your Active Support

Your voice has made a difference.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) recently chose ComplyWorks for their Contractor and Vendor management system. Having studied the market for over two (2) years, we have been informed that key factors in their decision were the feedback they received from their contractors!

CNRL joins our newest employer customers: Ranchwest Energy Ltd., Unconventional Gas Resources Canada, Rife Resources Ltd., Result Energy Inc., and Superior Propane Ltd. ComplyWorks continues to grow and is working hard to help you Get Ready To Work.

Superior Propane, a member of multiple registry solutions, has chosen ComplyWorks solutions to manage their sub-contractors across their complete operations. They have joined a growing list of companies to use our solutions for sub-contractor management.

Thank you for your support.

ComplyWorks – “Get ready to work”