Safety in Schools brings free workplace safety courses to Alberta’s high school students

Industry partners help to prepare young workers to enter the workplace with industry-recognized online safety courses

Calgary, Alberta (January 18, 2011) – ComplyWorks, Industry Spotlight Canada and Gemini Performance Solutions are pleased to announce that they have partnered to provide workplace safety courses to Alberta high school students free of charge through a new program, Safety in Schools. The project is currently in the pilot phase, with students at one Calgary high school taking courses.

Workers between the ages of 15 and 24 have the highest risk of getting hurt at work, with half of those injuries occurring in the first six months on the job. Safety in Schools brings together employing organizations from all industries to help Alberta’s youth prepare to safely enter the workplace and avoid becoming a statistic. Through a series of online courses that are industry-recognized, students will learn the basics of workplace safety before they show up for their first day of work. Safety in Schools also gives students an opportunity to learn about careers in health, safety and environment (HSE) with courses that can be used for credit in the University of Calgary’s Health, Safety and Environment certificate program.

The founding partners of Safety in Schools are ComplyWorks, Industry Spotlight Canada and Gemini Performance Solutions. Gemini developed the online workplace safety courses by working closely with occupational HSE industry leaders. The courses will be delivered to students by ComplyWorks through its CourseWorks online learning solution. Industry Spotlight Canada is a registered not-for-profit foundation and an Alberta Education authorized education resource provider that has relationships with school boards throughout Alberta as well as with businesses across multiple industries.

“Workplace safety is an issue that affects all of us. Safety in Schools will help those most at risk understand the hazards at their jobsite and how to deal with them,” says Cal Fairbanks, President and CEO of ComplyWorks. “We’ve benefited from helping industry keep their workers safe for years, so Safety in Schools is a way for us to give back to industry and the community by helping the next generation of Albertans get ready to work safely and injury-free.”

“Industry Spotlight was created to make a difference to the way high school students look at the life after education. We want to highlight the exciting career opportunities that exist here in Canada and overseas,” said Andrew Ramsay, President and CEO of Industry Spotlight Canada and JAB Recruitment. “To this end, it was obvious to work closely with ComplyWorks and Gemini to ensure that students are also given the opportunity to understand that safety in the workplace is now a major aspect to every employer and employee. Safety in Schools can start to influence the thought process of the next generation of workers, making the work environment an even safer place than today.”

Kim Adolphe, President and CEO at Gemini, added, “Gemini was fortunate to partner with one of the most well-known and widely respected industry experts, Glyn Jones, to develop many of these online safety courses. We are proud to be in a position to give back to the community and strongly believe that by partnering with ComplyWorks and Industry Spotlight to spearhead innovative programs like this, we can truly make a difference.”

About ComplyWorks

ComplyWorks provides relevant compliance with active communications to companies across North America and internationally. Our customers include over 175 employing companies and 14,000 contracting companies that rely on ComplyWorks solutions to strengthen employer/contractor/worker relationships, mitigate risk, and monitor and improve health, safety and environmental indicators. ComplyWorks does this by managing the contractor pre-qualification process, and tracking the life of the engagement through procurement into the supply chain, completion of work and accounting, and finally performance measurement, internal feedback and continuous improvement planning. Incorporated in 2004 as Canadian HSE Registry Ltd., ComplyWorks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

About Industry Spotlight Canada

Industry Spotlight believes in careers and industry education as the key to solving the long-term issue of skills shortage across Alberta and Canada. A registered not-for-profit foundation, Industry Spotlight is an Alberta Education authorized education resource provider and has relationships with school boards throughout Alberta as well as with partners across industries. Currently, the Industry Spotlight Canada series of DVDs can be found in every high school in Alberta. These career exploration videos allow students to see the type of companies that work in each of Alberta’s industries, the career paths they promote and the education required to pursue those careers.

About Gemini Performance Solutions Inc.

Specializing in the research and development of eLearning performance-based software technologies and highly effective training content since 1990, Gemini’s solutions deliver flexibility, simplicity, and functionality at an affordable price. A robust Learning Management System that is up and running in minutes, state-of-the-art eLearning and assessment technologies, combined with highly effective content and exemplary customer service distinguish us from our closest competitors. We partner with industry experts to offer comprehensive, competency-based online libraries in many different vertical markets including THRIL, a comprehensive health, safety, and environment library and the SWIFT Solution for the multifamily industry. Our partner and client relationships are true partnerships driven by mutual success.

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