Colliers International Selects Complyworks As Key Vendor Management Partner

Leading commercial real estate services company will use ComplyWorks Management System to ensure vendor and contractor compliance across Canada

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Calgary, Alberta (June 9, 2011) – ComplyWorks Ltd. is pleased to announce that Colliers International has selected the ComplyWorks Management System to manage its ongoing third-party vendor and contractor regulatory and corporate compliance review process in Canada.

Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services works with more than 6,000 on-site contractors across Canada. The web-based ComplyWorks Management System will be used to ensure that consistent practices are followed in all Colliers offices, and that all contractors are in compliance with worker’s compensation, insurance, health and safety, and other regulatory requirements.

“Managing vendor and contractor compliance puts a heavy administrative burden on our property managers as they collect documents from each contractor and vendor and constantly follow-up to ensure compliance,” says Ken Scott, Director, Vendor Management & Sourcing for Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services. “Using ComplyWorks to collect, verify and manage data from our current and new on-site contractors will lessen the burden by providing our property managers with the tools they need to get work done while enforcing compliance throughout the supplier engagement process.”

“The ComplyWorks Management System provides the relevant compliance that property and facility management companies such as Colliers need to manage the various types of contractors and vendors that perform work at a wide range of sites,” says Cal Fairbanks, CEO and President of ComplyWorks. “Colliers’ contractors and vendors will also benefit from a clearer understanding of what’s required, a streamlined process to demonstrate that they meet those requirements, and exposure to over 175 other employing companies that use ComplyWorks and need their services.”

About ComplyWorks

ComplyWorks is a global leader in providing Compliance Management Solutions to help customers streamline contractor and supplier management and supply chain processes. Our solutions automate the collection and monitoring of relevant data for specific job sites and regions, and provide that data to decision makers as actionable intelligence. Over 175 employing companies-from small and mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises-in Canada, the United States, Europe and South Africa use ComplyWorks to manage over 50,000 contractors and suppliers. The results are stronger employer/contractor and supplier/employee relationships, better risk mitigation, and improved health, safety, security, environmental, financial and other indicators. ComplyWorks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

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