Seven Ways to Maximize Your Prequalification Solution

Contractors are continually searching for new and innovative ways to market and advertise their services in hopes of gaining new clients. However, throughout this process contractors often forget about existing tools in their toolbox.

One tool often overlooked is a contractor’s prequalification solution. The primary purpose of this tool is to collect documentation and information on behalf of employers to ensure contractors are ready for work. However, prequalification solutions can typically be leveraged to market contractors to prospect employers.

We’ve outlined 7 ways to leverage your prequalification solution:

1. Ensure the list of services you provide is up to date.

Prequalification solutions typically allow employers to search for contractors by filtering services offered. If you offer a service but have not listed it, you could be missing out on potential clients. ComplyWorks subscribers have hundreds of services to choose from. However, if you offer a service but it is not listed as a choice, contact our customer support team.

2. Complete your company profile.

Potential employers can also search for contractors by location. Be sure to include every jurisdiction in which your company operates and is insured. However, do not select a jurisdiction that you are not qualified to work in as you will be required to provide proof of WCB and insurance.

3. Review your access permissions.

Confirm who can see and request your compliance data, as each prequalification subscription is different. With ComplyWorks, you have full control of your compliance data and can choose which clients have access – all clients, only selected clients or all except selected clients. To leverage your subscription to obtain more clients, we suggest releasing to all clients.

4.Take advantage of any directory pages.

Many prequalification solutions offer contractor directories for employers to search for new contractors. It is up to you to ensure your listing is up-to-date. With ComplyWorks, contractors are provided with a free-text box where they are invited to include any additional information, such as a business description or website links.

5. Include a company logo.

Your logo is an integral part of building brand recognition. With ComplyWorks, logos will appear on invoices, printable reports and in your directory listing.

6. Review the list of companies using your prequalification solution for contractor management.

If a company you are working for is not requesting your data, get in touch with them to be added to their preferred contractor list. This list is also a great resource when looking for new employers.

7. Send your data to non-subscribers.

With the ComplyWorks prequalification solution, this feature allows you to preview and send a formatted report of your compliance data to your clients who have not joined ComplyWorks. This is an easy way to share your compliance status with other organizations.

Prequalification solutions are often seen as a cost of doing business, especially for companies wanting to be a leader in occupational health and safety. However, if used strategically, contractors will learn that these solutions offer more than ensuring compliance. They open the possibility of attracting new clients and employers, while keeping your employees safe from common workplace accidents.

How ComplyWorks can help

ComplyWorks' comprehensive prequalification solution connects contractors to their employers. With a subscription, you are able to let employers know that you meet all of their requirements to get hired and begin work.

Companies that implement ComplyWorks experience a reduction in administration times and see overall savings on operational costs and noncompliance fines. These companies also experience a more streamlined approach to compliance management which enables them to onboard employees much faster.

Learn more about how you can transform your compliance management programs, request a free demo today.